The town of Ústí nad Orlicí is closely linked to many cultural traditions and important memorial events. Traditions of the town include the field of painting and building Christmas cribs; the very beginnings of these activities could be found back in the 18th century. However, the Christmas crib painting was not forgotten even up to the present times and there are still faithful followers of these activities.

Betlémy Betlémy Betlémy  


The town holds many important events that have their fans not only among local citizens, but the focus of such events often has international importance. They are based on abilities and skills of famous natives. Among all, let us name for example the violin virtuoso Jaroslav Kocian and the violoncellist Bohuš Heran whose legacy are annually commemorated by international music competitions. Also the sculptor Quido Kocian, whose masterpiece Dead Abel can be found when walking in the garden of the Hernych’s villa, was born in the town. The Amateur Theatre Association of Ústí is named after a famous native Hynek Vicen. There is also one of the oldest choirs in central Europe called Cecil’s Music Association.


The wide range of cultural and social events includes annual summer festival called Town in Motion or the celebration of the Advent season at the main square, Mírové (Peace) square, called Christmas of Ústí. For movie lovers, there are amateur film and theatre festivals held for them. There is a long tradition of scenic dance which can be seen in regularly held shows.


Excellent facilities for holding such events form the beautiful architectural heritage which the town may truly be proud of. They include the Dean’s Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary built in 1776 or the secession style Hernych’s villa which has recently been renovated. This villa was reopened after an extensive renovation in 2008 as a cultural and social centre of the Czech-Polish border are. Today, it is the home of the Town Museum. Interesting programs are also prepared in the cultural centre of Small Theatre Stage. A nice place to rest is in the quiet zone of the Kociánka park.

Město v pohybu Ústecké Vánoce Scénický tanec
Kostel Nanebevzetí Panny Marie Hernychova vila Malá scéna


Another nice social area is the functionalist building of the Roškot’s Theatre from 1936 which has been registered with List of Cultural Memorials of the Czech Republic. There is also the newly-built Basic School of Arts named after Jaroslav Kocian. The House of the Brethren’s Unity from 1555 is the oldest stone building in the town.


The range of cultural activities in offer is expanded with services provided by the Town Library, Klubcentrum, or the Town Museum which shows both history and the present of the town and many other subjects by means of regular exhibitions.





Town Museum

Small Theatre Stage

Town Library

Basic School of Arts

House of Children and Youth

Club of Art Friends

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Town of Ústí nad Orlicí
Region: Pardubice
District: Ústí nad Orlicí
Land Registered Area: 36.36 square km
Number of inhabitants: 14,988 (1 January 2009)
Mayor: Petr Hájek

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